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Terry Jacobs

Terry Jacobs

I feel so fortunate to have found the career of my dreams so early in life, and that I just can’t wait to get up in the morning and go do it.


Terry Jacobs – Tropical Make-Up Expert

Meet the Founder

The Tropical Make-Up Expert

She founded her company, Le Tropique, Inc.™, July 1,1980, in order to provide those who live in tropical climates with make-up and skin care products, along with a system of application that works well in the heat and humidity.

“As a matter of fact, I always like to say, ‘The more you sweat, the better you look,’ which has earned me the title The Tropical Make-Up Expert.”

“What sets me apart from the rest, is that I take pride in my work, and to the best of my ability give the client that clean, fresh look I am so famous for.”

In 1981 Terry began her work with celebrities. Raquel Welch was her first celebrity client, and now she can claim an impressive list of clients ranging from sports greats like LeBron James and Ahmad Rashad, to music icons like Lenny Kravitz and Notorious B-I-G. She has also worked with political figures such as Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, and Madeline Albright.

Terry has been a member of Local 798, Hair & Make-Up Artists Union, NYC (since 1991), which allows her to work on major motion pictures and TV shows. CNN & NBC call her regularly for live remotes.

Her credits include:

  • “Best Make-Up Artist in South Florida” Miami Metro
  • “Best Make-Up Artist in Coconut Grove”
  • “Best Make-Up Lessons in the USA” Allure
  • “Best Make-Up Products in the USA” Allure
  • “The Eyebrow Queen” Miami Mag
  • “Official Make-Up Artist Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders”
  • “Official Make-Up Artist Orange Bowl”


Terry learned the art of make-up, and the business of beauty at a very early age with Revlon Cosmetics in the Northeast. After seven cold and snowy winters, she took a sabbatical in Kona, Hawaii, before settling in South Florida, where she has resided since 1979.

She travels to location throughout the world for TV and video productions, and lived for three years in Milano, where she perfected her craft.