Tropical Waters 1 oz. Refillable Pocket Spray – Fragrance Free


Refillable pocket spray

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Fragrance Free 1 oz

This travel-sized spray is perfect for those that prefer a natural scent or for those that are fragrance sensitive. It’s also good for children, pets or women that are menopausal for when they get over-heated. There is no fragrance added to this lively and refreshing blend of aloe, herbs and mint. This versatile spray does it all – it sets make-up, conditions hair, gives a full body cool down, but most importantly, it revives and moisturizes the skin, leaving you with a clean, fresh feeling. The fragrance free spray does everything that the Rose and Peppermint spray do, but without the added fragrance.

Alcohol Free

Directions for Use:
Keep eyes closed when spraying in face. Holding the bottle approximately 6-12 inches away from your face and body, mist the spray liberally from head to toe, or on the desired area.



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