Every woman wants to look and feel their very best. Terry Jacobs sees the beauty in all women and will expertly apply her skills as a makeup artist to enhance your personal appearance. Whether you are seeking that perfect look for a special occasion or are interested in learning how to best apply make-up on your own, Terry Jacobs is the one to call.  With over 40 years of experience, she can help you design the ideal look and instruct you on the art and techniques necessary to enhance your natural beauty. She can advise you on colors and teach you how to apply and blend make-up to give you that special look and bring out your unique features. If you are looking for a one time application, Terry will be there to help you feel and look your best for that special event. She also offers eyebrow shaping to bring attention to your eyes, while framing them and making them appear more open.

Specializing in make-up for those who live and work in tropical climates, Terry has developed a system of application for both make-up and skin care that will not falter in the heat and humidity. A client once said “the more you sweat, the better you look” when you use Terry Jacobs’ humidity proof system. As a testament to her talent, Terry has a long list of well known clients who work under the hot lights or spend long days outside in the heat.  Celebrity Raquel Welch, politicians Hillary Clinton, Madeleine Albright and Jeb Bush, sports figure Lebron James and music icon Lenny Kravitz are just a few who have trusted Terry Jacobs and her skills.